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Body cream "Smooth body cream" 200 ml

An exclusive moisturizing body cream that intensively nourishes, restores and helps improve the appearance of the skin. The product is made using safe, natural and skin nurturing ingredients, as well as has an extremely pleasant silky consistency and a cosy aroma. The body cream instantly moisturizes the skin, giving it softness and indescribable gentleness.

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Squalane together with hyaluronic acid found in the composition acts synergistically and restores the optimal moisture level in the skin, strengthens the skin connective tissue and improves skin elasticity. The complex of vegetable shea butter, cocoa butter and unrefined oils helps to restore the damaged skin barrier, fights skin peeling, dandruff, smoothens and softens the skin.The panthenol and allantoin duet moisturizes, promotes skin regeneration and calms sensitive, irritated skin.

The gentle cream formula is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, picky skin. After one application, the skin feels inimitable gentleness and softness, and over time, the skin becomes noticeably smoother and healthier.

Active ingredients:

- Hyaluronic acid - intensely moisturizes and retains water for a long time in the skin, smoothens dry wrinkles, protects the skin from dehydration, maintains skin elasticity

- Synergy of allantoin and panthenol - these famous ingredients are known for their calming, skin rejuvenating properties, promote skin regeneration, help maintain optimal skin moisture levels, as well as strengthen the skin's protective barrier.

- Shea butter - intensively nourishes, protects from environmental harmful skin factors (cold, wind, heat, etc.), strengthens the protective barrier, gives the skin indescribable softness, softness, fights peeling and dandruff.

- Glycerin - moisturizes the skin, ensures normal regeneration of skin cells and strengthens the protective skin barrier.

- Aloe vera extract - a strong skin moisturizer with soothing properties. Aloe vera is valued for its regenerative, anti-irritant and red-reducing properties, as well as helps to maintain a normal moisture level in the skin, gives the skin a feeling of comfort, and cools down pleasantly.

- Triglycerides - intensively moisturizes the skin, prevents it from drying out, fights skin peeling, dandruff.

- Vegetable oils of macadamia and sweet almonds - high-quality unrefined oils saturate the skin with lipids, which strengthen the skin's protective barrier, protect against dehydration, help improve the condition of dry, damaged skin. This is especially important if you fight skin scaling, atopic dermatitis.

Body cream "Smooth body cream" 200 ml
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