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Body scrub '' Salted Caramel'' 300g

Nourishing and gently exfoliating oil body scrub, enveloping in a pleasant aroma of sweet caramel. The product of the unique formula gently but effectively removes dead skin cells, promotes regeneration, helps to smoothen the skin texture. The salt-based scrub deeply cleanses the skin, provides it with minerals, protects against ingrown hairs, and is scaly and pleasant to use.

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Contains cannabis oil which fights skin peeling, dandruff, helps to restore the skin's protective barrier, calms and nourishes the skin. Shea butter nourishes, softens the skin, protects it from various harmful environmental factors, and vitamin E acts as antioxidant, contributes to the regeneration of skin cells.

The minimal and rich composition is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. After use, the skin becomes maximally moisturized, its indescribable gentleness and softness is felt, and over time, while using the scrub the texture of the skin becomes smoother.

- Sea salt - one of the main ingredients that deeply cleanses the skin, supplies it with minerals extracted from the depths of the sea, promotes skin regeneration by accelerating the removal of dead cells from the skin, and protects against ingrown hair.

- Apricot kernel powder - performs an exfoliating function, gently removes dead skin cells, stimulates skin regeneration, smoothens skin texture irregularities, helps fight pigment spots and gives the skin unspeakable silk softness. In addition, it increases the penetration of other cosmetics applied after scrubbing.

- Cannabis oil - recently found in cosmetics and is especially valued for its calming, restorative properties. Cannabis oil is rich in vitamins, omega acids and other trace elements that nourish the skin, reduce skin irritation, promote regenerative processes and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Perfect for use after depilation.

- Vegetable oils of sweet almonds, jojoba and macadamia - high-quality unrefined oils saturate the skin with lipids, which strengthen the skin's protective barrier, protect against dehydration, help to improve the condition of dry, damaged skin and give the skin a feeling of gentleness and softness.

- Shea butter - intensively nourishes, protects from environmental harmful skin factors (cold, wind, heat, etc.), strengthens the protective barrier, and gives the skin indescribable softness, softness, fights peeling and dandruff.

- Vitamin E - an antioxidant, protects the skin from the effects of free radicals, helps the skin to recover faster.

How to use:

Apply scrub to damp skin (preferably after bathing or showering when skin pores are slightly open). Massage the areas where the scrub is applied in a circular motion, paying more attention to the problem areas. Then rinse off any remaining scrub with warm water and wipe with a towel.


Individual intolerance of ingredients. Do not use on damaged skin.

Body scrub '' Salted Caramel'' 300g
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